Ecomedia Arts Festival

ecomedia arts festival

IAMCR 2018 and University of Oregon
Reimagining Sustainability presents

Ecomedia Arts Festival

Thursday, June 21, 2018 • 17:30–23:00
Friday, June 22, 2018 • 9:00–17:00
Saturday, June 23, 2018 • 9:00–15:00

Sunday, June 24, 2018 • 9:00–14:00

in collaboration with the

Eugene, Oregon • USA


The Ecomedia Arts Festival features curators and artists who reconceptualize media from environmental, ecological, political, and systems approaches. Utilizing legacy and emerging technologies, techniques and platforms, Ecomedia reveals our developing contemporary condition—through communication, media, and arts-based research—in an ecology of inquiry by investigating materiality, virtuality, and hybridity.


JORDAN SCHNITZER MUSEUM OF ART (Courtyard Installation, Open June 21-24)
The Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, Ai Weiwei (China) — Curated by Anne Rose Kitagawa, Chief Curator of Collections

BETWEEN JSMA AND EMU (Projection Installation, Open June 21 Only)
Buffalo Reborn, Violet Ray, 2018

OREGON PLAZA (Ground Floor, EMU Lobby, Installation Art, Open June 21-22)
#CarbonFeed, 2010, John Park and Jon Bellona, 2014

OREGON PLAZA (Ground Floor, EMU Lobby, Museum Walls, Open June 21-24)
Selection from Lifeworlds exhibition: Leonardo da Vinci and Gary Tepfer (various works)

OREGON PLAZA (Ground Floor, EMU Lobby Installation Art, June 21-24) AND STUDENT ATRIUM (EMU Ground Floor, Lobby Installation Art, June 21-22 Only)
Selection from Multiverse exhibition: BioVisions at Harvard, Howard Hughes Medical Institution, NASA / JPL, The Vaccine Makers Project / Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, XVIVO Scientific Animation

Translating the Animal, 2018

O LOUNGE (EMU Ground Floor, Near Craft Center, June 21-23)
Silva Field Guide to Bird of a Parallel Future, 2015 Rick Silva (United States)

LEWIS ROOM (EMU Ground Floor, 023, June 21)
STUDENT ATRIUM (EMU Ground Floor, Lobby Installation Art, June 22-24)

Calling the Birds II, 2010 Catherine Clover (Australia)
Nightingale & Canary, 2014 Andy omas (Australia)
16.660 base pairs of O. mykiss, 2018 Christina Gruber (Austria)
Riparian, 2016, Andrew Benson (Director/Animator) and Music by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (United States)

PROJECTION (EMU 2nd floor projection on the wall, June 21)
STUDENT ATRIUM (EMU Ground Floor, Lobby Installation Art, June 22-24)

Timber, 2009, Julia Oldham (United States)

OREGON PLAZA (EMU Ground Floor, Lobby, June 21 Only)
Precarious Inhabitants, 2017 Eva Papamargariti (Greece)

SWINDELLS ROOM (EMU 2nd Floor, 230, June 21 Only)
Birds of Maio, 2008 / 2014, Rui Costa and Maile Colbert (Portugal)
Binaural, 2004, Rui Costa and Maile Colbert (Portugal)
Ant Acoustics in Amazonas, 2017 Lisa Schonberg (United States)
Atta, 2017, Lisa Schonberg (United States)


Artists: Leonardo da Vinci (© Royal Collection Trust/United Kingdom); Lucy Walker (United Kingdom) and Vik Muniz (Brazil); Gary Tepfer (United States); Melody Owen (United States); Violet Ray (United States); and Aleks Iricanin and Sammi Simons (United States); Andy Opel (United States); Andy Thomas (Australia); Andrew Benson and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (United States); BioVisions at Harvard, XVIVO Scientific Animation, and NASA/JPL (United States); Catherine Clover (Australia); Christina Demenshina (Germany); Christina Gruber (Austria); Hayle Wilson and Kassi Bell (United States); John Park and Jon Bellona (United States); Kyle Jones and Jake Liotta (United States); Lisa Schonberg (United States); Julia Oldham (United States); Eva Papamargariti (Greece); Rick Silva (United States); Rillian DeSalla, Hayle Wilson, and Kassi Bell (United States); Rui Costa and Maile Colbert (Portugal). Curators: Jeremy Swartz, Lead Curator (Ecomedia Arts Festival); Melody Owen (Curator, Translating the Animal); and Andy Opel (Curator, Apalachicoal River Project). Committee: Doug Blandy (Director, Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy, Univ. of Oregon); Jill Hartz (Executive Director, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art); and Jeremy Swartz (Univ. of Oregon).

REDWOOD ROOM (2nd Floor EMU) • JUNE 21, 2018 ONLY

18:00-19:30pm: Reimagining Sustainability Follow-up Panel
Prof. Wendy Chun (Simon Fraser Univ., Canada), Dr. Marcin Jakubowski (Open Building Institute, US), Prof. John Bellamy Foster (Univ. of Oregon, US), and special guest Prof. Fritjof Capra (Schumacher College, UK). Chair: Janet Wasko (Univ. of Oregon)

19:45-20:30: Screenings (Shorts—Animation, Virtual Worlds, and the Environment)
The Last Gardener (Der Letzte Gärtnerl), 2018 by Christina Demenshina (Germany)
Brackish Reports, 2018 by Melody Owen (Artist, United States)
Apalachicoal River Project, 2018. Andy Opel (Curator, United States)

20:45-22:30: Screening (Long-form—Documentary and Art)
Waste Land, 2010, Lucy Walker (Director, United Kingdom) and Vik Muniz (Artist, Brazil) (Facilitator, Denize Araujo)

SPONSORS: School of Journalism and Communication; College of Design; EPSON;

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