Public Service Media in a Time of Global Reordering

Public Service Media in a Time of Global Reordering: Sustainability, Reinvention and Extension

An IAMCR 2018 post-conference event

The past two decades have witnessed a significant change in the meaning and narrative of both ‘public service’ and ‘broadcasting’ due to globalization and digitalization of communication. At the same time, paradoxically, another significant trend is the diminishing journalistic and media freedom all around the world, coupled with the much-discussed phenomena of filter bubbles and fake news. “Media capture” is an alarming phenomenon affecting both mature and emerging public media contexts, which makes initiatives to support independent, robust, public interest and public service media all the more needed.

This workshop is one of the first academic discussions around the emerging “global public service media policy scholarship”. It seeks to address some fundamental questions that can help strengthening public media research as well as praxis:

  • What is the role of public service media in media development in today’s increasingly networked communication environment?
  • What are the crucial components of public service media’s remit?
  • Should we forgo the old institutional models or continue to support them? What are some policy implications of this?
  • What are some great examples of public service media working for democracy and development?
  • To what extent could de facto, networked projects and platforms support, or even replace public service media?

Location: Eugene, University of Oregon

Date and Time: 25 June 2018 (9:30am-5pm)

Participation and registration: Free registration will be required.
The event website will be launched early in 2018.


  • The IAMCR Public Service Media Policies Working Group (PMP) brings together scholars and experts concerned with performance practices and accountability mechanisms for public service media organisations. Its members are interested in whether there is a need for a new policy paradigm for public service media and alternative ways of assessing and measuring public service media’s value to the public.
  • The Network of the Global PSM Experts is an informal academic virtual community of some 250 members that seeks to strengthen international discourses and dialogues in the scholarly paradigm of public media research, as well as to engage with other stakeholders such as media and advocacy organizations

Organisers: The main organiser of the event is the IAMCR Public Service Media Policies Working Group (PMP) in partnership with the Global PSM Experts Network. A special panel on Public Service Media in Asia will be organised and sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, China

Contact: Alessandro D’Arma [email] and Yik Chan [email]