How to request a pre/post-conference event

Do you want to organise a pre/post-conference event?

IAMCR 2018 offers opportunities for IAMCR members and partners to organise conferences, seminars and workshops around the main IAMCR conference. These pre or post-conference events take place in the days immediately prior to or after the main conference and in nearby locations.  The events seek to make efficient use of resources such as participant travel and availability of speakers to the benefit of both the main IAMCR conference and the pre or post-conference. It is expected that in 2018 pre/post-conference events could be held in Eugene or Portland, Oregon, although other locations with easy access to Eugene could be considered.

Pre/post-conference events can be organised by individual or institutional IAMCR members alone or in partnership with others. Approved events will be featured on the IAMCR 2018 website, social media and newsletters. They will also promote their association with IAMCR 2018 and encourage participants and speakers to attend the main conference.

IAMCR and pre/post-conference event organisers will explore possibilities for cooperation such as spaces for events to report back to the main conference, collaboration on costs of invited speakers, joint publications, etc.

Pre and post-conference event organisers should submit a formal application for recognition that must be approved by the Conference Organising Committee (COC), made up of members of the Local Organising Committee and IAMCR’s Executive Board.

While the IAMCR 2018 Local Organising Committee (LOC) may provide assistance identifying and booking venues and information to help you arrange for catering, hotels, etc., the organisation of pre and post-conference events is the responsibility of the applicants. IAMCR will not provide support for registration, collection of any fees and reception of proposals.

The days prior to the conference are complicated in Eugene because they coincide with university graduation ceremonies and hotels tend to be booked well in advance. The LOC recommends that any pre-conference events be held in nearby Portland, where the University of Oregon has a campus with meeting spaces available for hire for groups of 25-200 at prices ranging from $320 to $520 per day including basic audio-visual equipment and services.

Post-conference events can be held in Eugene where meeting rooms for 25 to 125 people are available for  between $125 and $250 per day.

If you want to organise a pre/post-conference, please complete the application form. Requests must be received no later than 31 January 2018 but decisions will be made on a rolling basis as requests are received. We strongly recommend that you send requests early. There are limited opportunities for pre/post-conference events and there may be none left by the end of January.

Download the application form