Religion, Communication and Culture Working Group - CFP 2018

The Religion, Communication & Culture Working Group invites proposals for papers to be presented at the annual conference for the International Association for Media and Communication Research from 20-24 June, 2018 at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA. The deadline to submit your abstract is midnight GMT on 31 January 2018.

Proposals for consideration by the Working Group must be submitted via the Open Conference System at

For IAMCR 2018, the central theme is Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World.  As part of its Sustainable Development Agenda, the United Nations defines sustainability as harmonizing three core elements, environmental protection, social inclusion, and economic growth, so as to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. There is an immediate need to promote responsible and sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems that incorporate local and global reflection and action. This inevitably raises urgent issues of entrenched power, social justice,  democracy, and the need to eradicate poverty, raise basic living standards, and address the present climate crisis.

The Religion, Communication & Culture working group will certainly welcome papers which address the conference theme Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World.  Related Aspects of special interest here include:

    • Changing world - changing religions: fundamentalism vs reformation in media discourse
    • Religious modernization in the perspective of sustainability
    • Uniqueness vs inclusion: "our faith" and the "faith of others" in public sphere
    • The religious dimension of poverty and wealth
    • The needs of future generations in religious perspective: media coverage and interpretations
    • The mediatization of religious concerns on the climate change
    • Portraying "Islamic terrorism" and "Islamic state": clarifying terms or promoting misunderstanding?
    • The freedom of religion vs the freedom of speech: complains and solutions

Papers across the broad spectrum of research on the relationship of religion, media and communication are equally encouraged. There is hardly an established canon of research in this wide field of religion, communication and culture, although some nuclei in the current research agenda can be identified. These include:

    • Images of religion in mass media; news coverage of religion.
    • Religious communities and the media.
    • Impact of media on religious practices whether personal or institutional.
    • Theological approaches to the mass media.
    • New media and religion.
    • The emergences of the religious according to new mediatic conditions.
    • Film and religion.
    • Religious media.
    • Religious public relations.
    • The specificity of communication practices in religions given their singular content and claims.
    • Religious communication processes.
    • Media expression of faith and spirituality.

Theoretical, methodological, empirical - all approaches are welcome for proposed papers, provided they offer good quality and interesting, novel perspectives in their respective methodological nature.

Send your 300 to 500 words abstract by January 31 2018. In accordance with the instructions of the IAMCR organisers, all abstracts should be identified  for the specific working group (in this case, Religion, Communication & Culture) and must be submitted via the central Open Conference System (OCS). Submissions should not be sent directly to us at the working group.

The OCS system will open on November 9 2017, and will close on January 31 2018. No more than two abstracts may be submitted by any applicant.

Abstracts should be between 300 and 500 words in length.

It is intended that decisions on acceptance of abstracts will be communicated to individual applicants by the Religion, Communication & Culture no later than March 15 2018.  Registration for the conference will open in March 2018.

We look forward to seeing old and new participants in the working group in Eugene.

Please share this notice with other academic researchers on media and religion.     

Important dates and deadlines to keep in mind:

  • 9 November 2017 – Abstract submission system (OCS) opens

  • 31 January 2018 – Deadline for submissions

  • 8 March 2018 – Registration opens

  • 15 March 2018 – Notification of decisions of abstracts

  • 20 March 2018 – Deadline to apply for travel grants and awards

  • 3 April 2018 – Deadline to confirm your participation

  • 7 May 2018 – Last day to register at discounted early-bird fee

  • 28 May 2018 – Deadline for full paper submission

  • 1 June 2018 – Final conference programme published on the website

  • 20–24 June 2018 – IAMCR 2018 Conference

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(Professor) Yoel Cohen
School of Communication
Ariel University
Ariel, Israel


(Professor) Victor Khroul
Faculty of Journalism
Moscow State University
Moscow, Russia