Popular Culture Working Group - CFP 2018

The Popular Culture Working Group of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) invites submissions of abstracts for papers and panel proposals for the 2018 IAMCR conference to be held from 20-24 June, 2018 at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon, USA. The deadline to submit your abstract is 23:59GMT on 31 January 2018. This deadline will not be extended.

Proposals for consideration by IAMCR’s thematic sections and working groups must be submitted via the Open Conference System at https://iamcr-ocs.org

Conference theme: Reimagining Sustainability: Communication and Media Research in a Changing World

The Popular Culture Working Group acknowledges the dynamic character of social, political and cultural changes in relation to communication and in specific to popular culture. It is often in popular culture that the first challenges to the establishment and status quo become visible. We therefore invite abstracts and proposals that explore the following themes:

  • Sustainability and/in popular culture
  • Popular representations of resistance
  • Environmentalism and fashion (industry)
  • Gender, race, class and sexuality and identity narratives
  • Communication Technology and/in popular culture
  • Identity, bio politics and (new) media
  • Popular Culture and the Reimagining of Sustainability in Developing Countries
  • Liminal celebrity, exoticism and identity
  • Mediatization of ecological challenges
  • Eco fashion and identities
  • Consumer culture, power and ecologies
  • Commodification of sustainability
  • Populism, sustainability and social media

Proposals not mentioned above but relevant to the broad topic area will also be considered.


This Working Group accepts abstract submissions and presentations in English only.

Submission of Abstracts

Each Section and Working Group of IAMCR will issue its own Call for Papers, based on the general thematic outline above. Abstracts should be submitted from 9 November 2017 through 31 January 2018. Both individual and panel submissions are welcome and early submission is strongly encouraged.


The deadline for submission of abstracts is 31 January 2018 and will not be extended.

Decisions on acceptance of abstracts will be communicated to applicants by their Section or Working Group Heads no later than 15 March 2018.

Guidelines for Abstracts

Unless otherwise stated by a Section or Working Group, abstracts should be between 300 and 500 words in length

All abstract submissions must be made via IAMCR's Open Conference System. There are to be no email submissions of abstracts addressed to any Section or Working Group Head.
It is expected that for the most part, only one (1) abstract will be submitted per person. However, under no circumstances should there be more than two (2) abstracts bearing the name of the same author either individually or as part of any group of authors. Please note also that the same abstract or another version with minor variations in title or content must not be submitted to more than one Section or Working Group. Such submissions will be deemed to be in breach of the conference guidelines and will be rejected by the OCS system, by the relevant Head or by the Conference Programme Reviewer. Authors submitting them risk being removed entirely from the conference programme.

Technical guidelines, if any, are defined by the individual Sections and Working Groups. If you have questions, consult the Section or Working Group's specific CFP or contact the head of the Section and Working Group that interests you.

For further information, please consult the conference website or contact the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) by email at [email protected]

Criteria for Evaluation

Submitted abstracts will generally be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. theoretical contribution
  2. methods
  3. quality of writing
  4. literature review
  5. relevance of the submission to the work of the Section or Working Group
  6. originality and/or significance

Sections and Working Groups may use additional criteria and may assign different weights to the above criteria. Consult the specific CFP or contact the head of the Section and Working Group you want to submit to if you have questions.

Proposals for consideration by sections and working groups must be submitted via the IAMCR Open Conference System at https://iamcr-ocs.org.

Important dates and deadlines to keep in mind:

  • 9 November 2017 – Abstract submission system (OCS) opens

  • 31 January 2018 – Deadline for submissions

  • 8 March 2018 – Registration opens

  • 15 March 2018 – Notification of decisions of abstracts

  • 20 March 2018 – Deadline to apply for travel grants and awards

  • 3 April 2018 – Deadline to confirm your participation

  • 7 May 2018 – Last day to register at discounted early-bird fee

  • 28 May 2018 – Deadline for full paper submission

  • 1 June 2018 – Final conference programme published on the website

  • 20–24 June 2018 – IAMCR 2018 Conference

Popular Culture Working Group

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